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Cocoon Polyester Ceiling Insulation Blankets

Cocoon Polyester Ceiling Insulation Blankets
from NZ$145.00

Cocoon ceiling insulation blankets are manufactured from a high quality polyester to produce a product with outstanding performance and life span. The material comes in a 1200mm wide roll for easy installation across your ceiling joists. It can be stapled into place and is extremely safe and easy top handle. No safety gear required! It is also 100% recylable and comes with a 50 year guarantee (when used under normal conditions).


Material can be doubled up for easier handling and to create a more complete thermal envelope. ie 2 x R1.6 blankets = R3.2. Material is crossed over to ensure no gaps. 

All grades except R2.6 held as stock lines.

Please also view our product information page and installation guides for further information.