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Cocoon Polyester is manufactured exclusively for The Insulation Warehouse by Autex Industries in Avondale, Auckland.

Established in 1967 Autex is well known for its quality range of polyester products including insulation, carpets and sound solution materials.  Autex also manufactures the Greenstuf range of polyester insulation.

Cocoon is 100% polyester. There are no added binding agents as the fibres are melted together making it a very strong, durable and long lasting material.  The same type of material is used to manufacturer a wide range of products such as duvets, clothing etc.

About 50-60% of the polyester used is reconstituted from waste PET bottles making it an excellent environmental choice.

The product carries a 50 year warranty.  It will not rot, slump, sag or be affected by moisture.  The only reason polyester breaks down is if it exposed to long term sunlight which is very rear in a ceiling or underfloor!

Cocoon Underfloor

Cocoon is a 100% Polyester product that is installed in blanket form across the bottom of your floor joists or up in between the floor joists depending on the application. It is non irritant product that is dust free and won’t cause any skin or allergy reactions. Because of it’s design and composition it won’t slump or sag after installation and it is unaffected by moisture, mould or mildew. Think of it as the big fluffy jersey that keeps the floors warm!

This is a high grade polyester underfloor insulation available in  roll form for retrofitting under floor joists or in pre-cut widths to be fitted between joists. It is designed to well exceed NZ minimum standards. It is a very popular DIY product. The actual product is either R1.8 or R2.6.  The R1.8 product installed as a system provides performance of R2.1 – R2.6 if installed as a blanket.

Cocoon Ceiling

Cocoon ceiling insulation is designed and manufactured with performance and durability in mind. This NZ made insulation comes in 1200mm wide roll and is literally rolled out over the top of ceiling joists like a large blanket. This makes it quick and easy to install. It is excellent to use where there is no existing insulation or as a top-up blanket to boost existing insulation already in place. It is available in R1.6, R1.8, R2.2 R2.9 and R3.2. For higher grades simply double up layers eg R1.8 + R1.8 = R3.6 grades.

The product carries a 50+ year durability rating and is very safe and user friendly to use. No safety gear required!