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Andre McKelvey

Andre McKelvey

Andre joined the team at The Insulation Warehouse when it was purchased by Kevan over two years ago.

The fact it was a Kiwi owned and operated family business appealed to him. Since then feels he has really fitted in with the honest and friendly culture of the business.

Doing insulation assessment for both owner occupiers and rentals, with all walks of life is very satisfying giving lots of variety, his day is never boring. The one draw back is in winter in the wind and rain, however there a times when people make him a nice hot tea or coffee. Summer brings it own rewards one being out in the sun.

Andre likes specialising in retro fit homes as they are all different and that he can offer a number of different products best for the individual home, as most other insulation companies only offer the one product and he feels one size does not fit all. His approach is transparent up front and honest, soft sell making people feel at ease with no pressure, knowing they are getting the best solution for their home or rental. The reward to this is that he gets a lot of referrals and is remembered when people move on to a new home - win win. In his personal life he gets out tramping and camping in his camper when ever he can.