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Hayden Moffitt

Hayden Moffitt

Hayden Moffitt came from a timberyard to The Insulation Warehouse, doing similar work at both places.

At the timberyard, he says, he was operations supervisor. Before that, he was a sales assistant with a shopfitting business.

Hayden thinks one of the reasons director Kevan Hunt selected him as operations manager is because his early career is similar to Kevan’s. Early on, he says, he had the initial goal of becoming an office manager.

Hayden says his job is focused on the day to day running of the business. “My work is more operational. I think that’s why Kevan brought me on, so he could grow the business.” Hayden grew up in Taranaki and went to Patea High School. However, he came to Auckland in 2005, when he was 18, as his mum was in the city.

Working for The Insulation Warehouse fits Hayden, as he is keen on living with a “small footprint”. And, of course, properly installed insulation is good for the environment. Hayden’s a big fan of the culture of the 1980s. He’s a family man, with two daughters, and enjoys enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with his family.