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Does Your Ceiling Insulation Really Pass?

  • Does Your Ceiling Insulation Really Pass?

    We are being frequently asked  why a ceiling install is failing a healthy homes check today, when we passed it some time before 2019.  In simple terms there was a change in the requirement for ceiling insulation which we will explain in detail.

    Don't be fooled into thinking all July 2019 'passes' are a pass under the Healthy Homes Insulation Standard. As we move towards the looming Healthy Homes deadlines, we are seeing more and more examples of houses that customers think will be compliant, but they are not.

    Under the 2016 legislation, ceiling insulation was a 'pass' if it was in reasonable condition and thicker than 70mm. We are finding a large percentage of houses sit between the 70mm 2016 pass, and the new 120mm Healthy Homes Standards requirement. This means these houses will fail against the Healthy Homes Standard.

    If the fail by being less than 120mm thick, they will require a minimum of R2.9 new ceiling insulation to bring them up to standard. If a top-up of less than R2.9 was done after July 2016, an additional top-up to achieve a minimum of R2.9 would be required. For example, an R1.8 top-up will need another layer of at least R1.1, to add up to R2.9.

    NOTE: The Insulation Warehouse only ever installed full grades of over R2.9 into rental properties, so these will all be complaint so long as the insulation is still installed correctly and has not been disturbed or damaged in some way.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the legislation or your insulation, we are always happy to talk you through the finer details by phone or in-person so give us a call if we can help.

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    • 02 October