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Family first at The Insulation Warehouse

  • Family first at The Insulation Warehouse

    Our personal focus on a balanced life where we have quality family time extends to the work we do as well.  We love the fact that we help make significant improvements to the quality of living conditions for hundreds and hundreds of kiwi families every year.  Thats really rewarding in itself.

    We are also looking at ways to improve our business while looking at ways out team can benefit.  At a recent workshop run for all of our team a new mantra was developed; Game Changers, Where Every One Benefits. This came from our team, not from the owners or managers. As Director I took myself out of the room while the team workshopped the ideas. 

    We own The Insulation Warehouse, not to build an empire, but to be able to enjoy life, to have balance and quality time for our family and friends. To be frank we are achieving that but as the Game Changer that we need to be that is no longer enough. We are now looking at new initiative that enable our team members to share and enjoy some of those same qualities that we, as owners have. As Game Changers we are trialling a shortened working week for our team. Our installers are working a 4 day week (for the same pay as a 5 day) and have a 3 day weekend almost every week.

    This came with some early challenges, as any change does. Even though it's a positive change it still took time to bed in and figure out the risks and different impact points.

    Our sales and admin teams are enjoying a 2.5 day weekend at the moment and while we would love to extent that to a full 3 day weekend we are still trying to figure out how we do that while maintaining the great customer service that we offer. The feedback that we are getting is nothing but positive. Our team are better rested and appreciate the longer weekends. It's something I would like to encourage other businesses to consider as a way of building loyalty and a strong family and team culture.


    I look forward to sharing more about our business, industry and family as this blog develops.

    Written by Kevan Hunt, Director at The Insulation Warehouse

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    • 04 May