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Tips for Reducing Noise in Your Home

  • Tips for Reducing Noise in Your Home

    We get a lot of customers asking us about the best way to reduce noise from other rooms or outside. So, we thought we would share some helpful tips.

    Wall Insulation Options

    Generally, you can only install insulation when the wall lining is off, and the timber frames are exposed. There are insulation options that can be injected, but there are so many examples of this failing that we won’t recommend or use it.

    The Greenstuf Silencer is a good economic option to muffle noise. It comes in segments (pads) or rolls.
    Pink Batts Silencer has a higher noise-reducing factor and comes in segment form. Architects often specify this product, and it is a more expensive solution.

    Our go to solution is High R-value Wall Insulation because it has a higher density than the acoustic materials mentioned and is more cost effective. Anything at R2.6 thermal rating or higher, in a 90mm cavity is going to do a good job. It may not block the noise completely, but it will help.

    Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation

    The next thing to think about is what is above and below the room that you are addressing?
    Sound waves are a bit like water. They will track through all sorts of surfaces and structures. So, good ceiling and underfloor insulation are valuable in this situation to encapsulate the room or building and provide further resistance to the noise.

    Wall Lining Material

    Next, you can think about the wall lining material that you are using, which takes us back to the density discussion.
    Gib Wallboard is a good New Zealand made product that has an option called Gib Noise Control, which will add further improvement in noise reduction.

    For music rooms, home cinema and the like, some customers will even double layer the Gib to give the maximum solution.

    Lastly, if the noise is coming from outside and you have single glazed windows, you might consider a retrofit double glazing system. This could be an easy fit acrylic panel system or a full double glazing solution.
    If you’d like some help with your specific situation, contact our team.

    • Kevan
    • 17 November