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When a "Pass" isn't always a "Pass"

  • When a "Pass" isn't always a "Pass"
    Residential Tenancy Act Requirements

    Under the 2016 Residential Tenancy Act insulation requirements, thousands of houses achieved a "Pass" on the ceiling insulation by being:

    • In reasonable condition
    • Installed correctly
    • Over 70mm thick throughout the ceiling


    Healthy Homes Standards Requirements

    The Healthy Homes Standards, which became law on 1 July 2019, changed the rules and increased the minimum thickness to 120mm.

    For example, a house that had 100mm of ceiling insulation, in reasonable condition, and installed correctly now fails the Healthy Homes Standard for rental properties.

    This house will now need to have a new layer of insulation installed at a minimum R-value of R2.9.

    It is not enough to add more insulation just to be thicker than the 120mm.

    There are other factors to consider and the team at The Insulation Warehouse are available to provide you with advice, assessments and install solutions.

    Contact us today on 09 636 8409 or info@tiwl.co.nz.

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    • 22 January