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Low pitch & panel ceilings

  • Low pitch & panel ceilings

    Sometimes traditional forms of insulation are too difficult, impractical or unsafe to install into ceiling cavities. The solution is often to use a blow-in type product. We have state of the art insulation blowing machines which pump in glass wool insulation through a hose. It allows insulation to be put into areas which would normally be deemed inaccessible. This insulation is a high quality product which will not settle over time, absorb moisture or damage your home.



    Panel ceilings

    Does your ceiling look like this?

    This type of ceiling construction is very popular in bungalows around Auckland. Because of the way the panels are laid it is quite often a very dangerous task moving across them to fit insulation. The fragile nature and age of these ceilings can also pose a high risk of damage which is obviously costly to fix. The answer? Blow an insulation product in through a hose which means an installer can work from a safe distance.



    Low pitch roof lines

    Many houses around Auckland are built with low pitch roof lines. Whilst a person can crawl through the centre of these ceilings it can be extremely difficult if not impossible to get standard types of insulation out to the edges to ensure a complete thermal envelope. It is important to remember that insulation cannot be installed touching the roof as it wicks moisture away causing long term damage. Blowing in insulation allows for the installer to put insulation right out to the edges and lay the insulation as thick as possible without touching the roof line.