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  • Heatpumps

    With a strong market trend towards convenient and energy efficient heating, heat pumps have soared in popularity over the last 10 years. With the touch of a button you can be enjoying a warm home! After you have insulated your home properly it makes sense to invest in a heat pump for all year comfort.

    Heat pumps are air conditioning units which are able to heat and cool your home depending on the season. The term ‘heat pump’ has become popular in NZ as we are generally wanting the heating function rather than the cooling function. They are one in the same thing.

    At the Insulation Warehouse we partner with great brands like Mitsubishi and quality install contractors to deliver you a fantastic and convenient all year round solution.

    We are also an approved partner of the Auckland City Council Retrofit Your Home Program which allows you to pay for you insulation and heat pump over a five year period.

    For more information on the right solution for your home, including a free assessment give us a call on 0800 22 22 99 or drop us a note online.