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LED Downlights

  • LED Down Lights Supplied and Installed from $95 each

    The reason IC-rated downlights can be covered with insulation is because they run far, far cooler than old lights.

    Your old-style down lights had to have at least a 100mm space around them because of fire risk. But that created lots of heat chimneys through which your costly warm air would escape. 

    If you are looking at LED down lights, make sure you get a product that is CA or IC approved and that the manufacturer specifies can have insulation laid over the top (IC) or abutted to their side (CA).

    We now have a range of IC rated, trade supplied LED down lights that we can have supplied and installed in your home ensuring you have smart economical lighting that can have the insulation laid over the top of it.

    We have 5 models available across 3 different sizes with pricing from $95 each for full supply and install by a local qualified, reputable electrician. 

    Pricing is based on replacing existing down lights.

    Other work will attract additional charges.

    For more information contact our customer service team on 0800 22 22 99