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Greenstuf Eco Wrap Hot Water Cylinder Wrap

Greenstuf Eco Wrap Hot Water Cylinder Wrap

Designed to fit most domestic hot water cylinders, the kit contains a polyester insulation material laminated to a foil outer, joining tape and instructions. It's quick and easy to install.

It comes in one long sheet and can be easily cut to size.

This won't make your hot water hotter as your cylinder will be thermstatically controlled to a set temperature but it will retain the heat in your cylinder so it doesn't have to work as hard hence saving you money on electricity. What you can save can be quite significant and the wrap will pay itself back very quickly.

Left over material can be used to wrap around your hot water pipes also saving you money.

The Eco Wrap is manufactured by Autex Industries in Avondale (go NZ made!), is excellent quality and will last you many years.

Note: These are designed for electric hot water cylinders not gas cylinders