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Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation Biscuit form

As of May 2019: Due to unprecedented demand some products may not be available for immediate supply. In particular Greenstuf Polyester is in very short supply. Please check with our customer service team for availability - 0800 22 22 99.
Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation Biscuit form
from NZ$83.00

The Iconic Pink Batts brand has been keeping New Zealand families warm and comfortable since 1961. Everyone knows Pink Batts!

Trusted for 50 years Pink Batts is a high quality glass wool insulation. Locally made for New Zealand conditions this is a great quality product.

We highly recommend installing the Pink Batts in biscuit form when you have no, or very little existing insulation. This is because installing blanket insulation over the top of the joists leaves a pocket of air between the insulation and the ceiling. This pocket can easily leak if the insulation is disturbed or there is a very small gap between blanket sheets. Installing biscuit form eliminates this as the insulation sits hard on the ceiling.