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Residential And Commercial Window Film Solutions

Window Film Options


Extensive range of sustainable & environmentally friendly products


Complete home insulation solutions, installations & removal


  5 Year workmanship warranty   -   Expert advice & great service    -   100% Kiwi owned & operated



Window Film That provides Year-round Comfort Reflective Window Film For Enhanced Privacy   Window Insulation Option That Reduce Glare And Heat


Window Solution That Protects Valuable Furniture, Draperies, And Flooring From Fading Due To Sun Damage. Strengthened Windows With This Film



Whether you are looking for a high-performance double glazing alternative or looking to upgrade the performance of your existing double glazing, we have the biggest range of window film solutions for commercial and residential applications to suit your requirements and budget. Insulation, safety, security or privacy - we've got you covered!


Although all of our window films offer protection against harmful UV A & B rays that cause fading of furnishings, flooring and photographs, selecting window film is not a one size fit all approach. Our experts will guide you through various options to ensure you select the right film solution for your requirements and budget.




Check out the options below or call us today to discuss your needs with one of our window film experts and receive a free quote on the options available to you. 


All window film are installed by expert technicians with minimum fuss and disruption.