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Double Glazing Alternative

  • Double Glazing Alternative

    We have a Double Glazing Alternative for you!


    When we compare Double glazing cost vs. Solar Gard Ecolux 70 Low E film, the Ecolux solution is 50% cheaper than double glazing to supply and install.

    A recent quote comparison done for a property requiring 21m2 of Ecolux Film saw Retrofit Double Glazing at $15,860.  The Ecolux 70 Film was $7,350.  This particular property has since been installed with our Ecolux 70 Film and a case study is being completed on it's performance.  We will be running a blog to cover this in more detail.

    When considering cost we also recommend thinking about how long the product being installed will last.  The Ecolux 70 film will last the life of your windows with the backing of a limited lifetime residential warranty.  The Warranty is valid for as long as the purchaser owns the property.  You can see the Product Warranty on the Product Specification Page

    It is installed onto the window pane and continues performing at the same performance level as the day it was installed.

    Here are a few things that we think make Ecolux 70 the window insulation of choice:

    • No inconvenience to you the home owner during installation
    • No added weight, stress or loading on your existing wall framing
    • No added weight ,stress loading on your existing window frame
    • No compromising your building envelope
    • Installation is not weather dependent.
    • No potential delays in waiting for your new double-glazed window to be manufactured.
    • No chance in delays caused by incorrect measuring and manufacturing of your new double-glazed unit

    The table below provides a comparison to help you decide which solution might work best for you and your home.

    1 Star is low rating, 6 stars is best rating.


    This information has been compiled by The Insulation Warehouse using our knowledge and experience working with insulation solutions and case study information.

    It is designed as a guide only and we are happy to share our thoughts with you in more detail.

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