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Feeling the suns heat and glare

  • Feeling the suns heat and glare

    We have 2 specialist solutions to reduce glare and heat from the sun in the summer months.  ULR80 and TruVue


    Solar Gard ULR 80 is a Ceramic window film with low reflectivity to maximize the clarity of the view through the window.


    This product has high heat rejection so is a great and affordable option for reducing the impact of the summer sun at home or in the office.  


    TrueVue os an affordable option for improved comfort with cooler summer temperatures and a subtle tint to relax your eyes

    ULR80 blocks 99% of UV A and B

    Reduce your energy bills


    You can use our TrueVue window film it is a "dual reflective" product on the outside to maximise heat rejection and privacy, and neutral on the inside to maintain the best views.


    A range of 4 Options to provide the best solution for your property. 



    Create a cooler environment

     Reduce your energy costs

     Create privacy without blocking the view

     Block over 99% of harmful UV rays

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of this product you are welcome to fill out this contact form for a no obligation consultation and quote.  Alternatively give us a call on 09 6368409.

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