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Low E Window Film

  • Low E Window Film

    What is Low E Window Film.  E stands for Emissivity

    Simply put Low Emissivity is “the ability to reflect radiant heat.

    In winter and Summer months Ecolux 70 Low E film will retain approx 50% of radiant heat from woodburners, heat pumps and gas heaters(Radiant heat sources) back inside keeping the room warmer for longer and reducing running costs.

    Ecolux 70 Low E film will deliver approx 50% heat retention improvement in winter and 50% heat rejection improvement in summer, in turn keeping the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and saving on running costs of heating and air conditioning.


    Ecolux 70 is the only Low E product that we are aware of that has gold as the main working component. Other low E films contains silver which has a lower technical result when compared to gold. Many Silver based Low E films have failed due to corrosion issues.  Gold does not corrode and Ecolux 70 has been in the market since around 2013 with no corrosion issues. 

    Ecolux 70 does not need any special edge sealing or protection when installed.



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