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Window Film | Glass Safety Film

  • Window Film | Glass Safety Film
    If you are looking to turn your standard glass into safety glass to protect your loved ones, we have just the solution for you. Suitable for windows, glass doors, internal glass partitions and even mirrors, Solar Gard safety/security film complies with AS2208, the same standard that safety glass is tested to.


    Safety film is optically clear, offers 99% UV protection and range from 100 micron up to 325 microns to suit different sizes and thickness of glass.


    Safety film is all about moving the laminate from between 2 panes of glass to the surface. In the event of breakage, the shards of glass adhere to the film to avoid causing serious injury.


    Turning your standard glass into safety glass has never been easier or more cost effective and with minimal disruption.


    If you want to enjoy the benefits of this product you are welcome to fill out this contact form for a no obligation consultation and quote.  Alternatively give us a call on 09 6368409.

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