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Retrofit Double Glazing Alternative

  • Retrofit Double Glazing Alternative

    We have a Retrofit Double Glazing Alternative for you!



    What are the benefits of Solar Gard Ecolux 70 compared to retrofit double glazing

    Retrofit Double Glazing is a great solution, however, we think Ecolux 70 is a product that will save you on install costs while delivering a similar insulation performance.  On this page we detail the pros and cons of Retrofit Double Glazing alternatives. The spectrally selective nature of the product, enhances the view through the glass, making colours more vibrant and concise. Clarity improves as you look through the film and you eyes are much more relaxed. A recent customer said "It's like looking through a $250 pair of sunglasses versus a $25.00 pair.


    Ecolux 70 has a limited life time warranty against crazing, fogging, delamination, and more. By comparison, the Retrofit Double Glazing and acrylic solutions have time limited warranties.  You can see the full warranty on the Product Specification page.  


    When it come to installation the Ecolux film is less intrusive with minimum inconvenience to the home when installing.  We dont need to remove windows and reinstall, so the exterior building envelop is not compromised.  When it comes to wooden windows Retrofit double glazing means the windows have to be removed, reworked and rebated to remove the old glazing and fit the new module. So a lot of noise, mess, and time to retrofit double glazing into wooden joinery.

    Weight Loadings

    Installing retrofit double glazing adds 100% more weight to the framing and building structure than they were originally designed to hold.  Whilst being very strong, Ecolux window film is only 100 microns thick so the weight being added to each window is insignificant, in turn avoiding added stress to the window frame and wall framing. 

    UV A and B Protection

    Ecolux 70 Stops nearly 99% ultra violet light “A” and “B” providing protection for your family, pets, plants, and significantly reducing damage to furniture and floor coverings.  Clear glazing absorbs nearly all UVB but about 75% of the dangerous and damaging UVA will pass through the glass.

    Here is a quote from thoughtco.com about glass:

    How Much UV Is Filtered by Glass?

    Glass that is transparent to visible light absorbs nearly all UVB. This is the wavelength range that can cause a sunburn, so it's true you can't get a sunburn through glass.

    However, UVA is much closer to the visible spectrum than UVB. About 75% of UVA passes through ordinary glass. UVA leads to skin damage and genetic mutations that can lead to cancer. Glass does not protect you from skin damage from the sun. It affects indoor plants too. Have you ever taken an indoor plant outside and burned its leaves? This happens because the plant was unaccustomed to the higher levels of UVA found outside, compared with inside a sunny window.

    Additional Benefits

    Ecolux 70 has an ultra low interior reflection of 4%.  That's half the interior reflection of clear glass which will enhances the view out through the filmed glass.

    Double glazing does a great job in the winter months.  Ecolux 70 will deliver approx 87% of the insulation benefit of double glazing in winter months and 50% more than single glazing.

    In the summer months Ecolux 70 comes into it's own. Because is reflects radiant heat, it delivers 127% of the performance of double glazing during the summer months, keeping you cooler and more comfortable.

    Double glazing focuses on convection heat. Double glazing with its air gap is like a big stop sign to convection heat. Because Ecolux reflects radiant heat it is a solution for all seasons.  It will out perform double glazing in summer as 86% of your solar heat gain in summer is from radiant heat.

    The table below provides a comparison to help you decide which solution might work best for you and your home.

    1 Star is low rating, 6 stars is best rating.

     This information has been compiled by The Insulation Warehouse using our knowledge and experience working with insulation solutions and case study information.

    It is designed as a guide only and we are happy to share our thoughts with you in more detail.

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