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Window Film

Window Film Insulation and Sun Protection Solutions For Home and Office

We offer a range of window film solutions to suit your requirements and budget. 

Call us today to discuss your needs with one of our window film experts and receive a free quote on the options available to you. 

All solutions are installed by expert technicians with minimum fuss and disruption.



Solar Gard Ecolux 70 for all year window insulation


 An all year heat control solution - Ecolux 70 premium window insulation film has the technology to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter


Protect your family, furnishings, and flooring from harmful heat and UV A & B rays.  See this blog for a real example of what a difference this product can make


Quick to install


Half the Price of retrofit double glazing


Reduce your energy bills


For more detail on how Ecolux works click here


Ecolux is a high quality insulation film.  Unfortunately it wont help with noise reduction.

If you have a condensation problem we recommend using Ecolux film for insulation and a positive pressure ventilation unit to eliminate the condensation.

Solar Gard ULR 80 Low Reflectivity Film to improve comfort in the summer


Solar Gard ULR 80 is a Ceramic window film with low reflectivity to maximize the clarity of the view through the window.


This product has high heat rejection so is a great and affordable option for reducing the impact of the summer sun at home in the office.  


Quick to install 


An affordable option for improved comfort with cooler summer temperatures and a subtle tint to relax your eyes


ULR80 blocks 99% of UV A and B.


42% of solar energy rejected.  


 Reduce your energy bills

 Solar Gard TrueVue heat reduction and high reflectivity privacy film



TrueVue is a "dual reflective" product on the outside to maximise heat rejection and privacy, and neutral on the inside to maintain the best views.


A range of 4 Options to provide the best solution for your property. 


Create a cooler environment


Reduce your energy costs


Create privacy without blocking the view


Block over 99% of harmful UV rays



(Photo of commercial building) One way privacy film for residential and commercial buildings


Installing our window film solutions

Quick to install in wooden and aluminum windows, installs completed within one day

No construction noise

No compromise of your home's structure as the film adheres to the existing windows

We use contract experienced installers who have been trained by Solar Gard NZ

The right solution for your home and your needs




When we quote your window film you will be dealing with trained and experienced insulation and healthy home experts.


Kevan Hunt 

Kevan is Managing Director at The Insulation Warehouse and takes a hands on approach when it comes to Window film solutions. Kevan specialises in Commercial andResidential properties in Auckland

Walter Elwin 

Walter is the Senior Assessor for The Insulation Warehouse in Auckland. He has over 5 years experience in providing customers with in home insulation solutions and is keen to help you with your needs. Walter has assessed over 5000 home in his career so is very knowledgable to be able to give you the right advice for your home.

Dave Hunt 

Dave is Owner / Manager of The Insulation Warehouse Bay of Plenty.  Dave has a wealth of experience assessing home insulation requirements and has had extensive training on the window film solutions we use.  Dave specialises in residential properties through out the Bay of Plenty and is happy to assess commercial as well.