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Premium Window Film Insulation

  • Premium Window Film Insulation

    How Solargard Ecolux 70 outperforms other films

    Solar Gard has a wide range of window film products ranging from security film, to solar domestic and commercial application films, to automotive films to residential and commercial window insulation. Within the solar film products, there are product options which focus on solar heat rejection in summer, daytime privacy, glare reduction and fading reduction and are priced much lower than Ecolux 70. These solar films are not window insulation products like Ecolux 70 and do not stop heat loss during the winter months. Ecolux 70 is an all year-round window insulation product that competes with other window insulation products, not other window films. Be careful when choosing the right solution for your home - there will be cheaper options out there, and a solar product may be the right one for you but don’t be fooled if you are told that a solar film will stop heat loss in winter, it won’t.

    Backed by the best

    The family tree for Ecolux 70 is impressive to say the least.

    Saint-Gobain who has been in existence for over 360 years, currently employing 180,000 people, across 100+ Nationalities.  Saint-Gobain are a top 100 Industrial Company focussed on the manufacture and supply of building materials including glass and insulation.

    Saint-Gobain own the leading global brand of window film, Solar Gard.  Solar Gard is a specialised window film manufacturer that distributes its range of product around the world. It is one of the leading global window film brands and has been in existence for over 40 years.