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  • Insulation clock is ticking

  • Health Homes Guarantee Bill

    In July 2016 the government of the day passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2016 - legislation requiring insulation in rental property to meet minimum requirements by July 1 2019.
    They also require detailed insulation statements to be provided with every new tenancy agreement that is written.

    In November 2017 the new government has passed further legislation - the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill which bring further change.
    We hope this Blog helps keep you up to date with the changes as they come in to force.

  • Family first at The Insulation Warehouse

    As the first post on our new blog I wanted to reflect on a major philosophy that is underpinning our business strategy - Family focus.
    This photo is my immediate family last Christmas including 4 of us who own, and work at The Insulation Warehouse.