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  • Insulation Removal
    Insulation Removal

    Your old insulation may be fine, or it may have deteriorated. And if it has to go, we have the machinery and expertise for the job.

  • Heatpumps

    Kiwis love heat pumps, because they know they’re the most cost-effective kind of electrical heating.

  • Borer Control
    Borer Control

    Borer are a silent destroyer, often damaging your home badly without you even knowing

  • Damp Guard Vapour Barrier
    Damp Guard Vapour Barrier

    Damp Guard is installed underneath floors to stop rising damp from entering your home and causing damage and health problems.

  • Rental Assessment
    Rental Assessment

    Property management is about running a business and having people skills. Lucky then, that’s just like us.

  • New Builds & Commercial
    New Builds & Commercial

    Building your new home is exciting. We can advise you about the best insulation products for the best results at the best prices

  • LED lights
    LED lights

    LED lights are good for the environment and your wallet, as they use far less power and last lifetimes longer than incandescent bulbs.