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Insulation Horror Story: The Disorganised Installers

  • Insulation Horror Story: The Disorganised Installers

    A relative of one of our assessors had another company do their insulation.

    The installers turned up at 8am but realised they didn't have the right product for the installation in their truck. So, they went away to get it.

    When they came back, they then realised their ladder had been left back at the depot. So, they had to go back and get that (having asked the tenant if they had a ladder first!).

    It’s midday by this time and they still hadn't started the job! Outside temperature was over 25°C and who knows what the temperature was in the ceiling...

    They eventually finished the job but left a complete mess on the carpet in the hallway, with no effort to clean it up!

    Our installers are organised and always leave the place as they found it.

    • stuart
    • 12 February