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Borer Control

  • Borer Control

     borer-wood-exampleBorer are a very common wood eating insect found in many NZ homes. It is unusual for an older home such as a villa, bungalow or ‘state’ house not to have any borer as timber work is traditionally untreated. They inhabit and feed on wood within your home where they exist in larvae form for 2-3 years before emerging to mature into an adult and take flight to breed. Borer in your home can be identified by small holes in timber work that is most often accompanied by wood dust. You can also often see their tunnel marks in floors which have been polished.

    It is very important that these insects are controlled to avoid costly long term damage. We advise spraying exposed wood areas as a preventative maintenance measure with Borer Basher™ before installing your insulation. Areas which may need future treatment will be covered and it can be a costly and annoying process to access areas once insulation has been put in place.

    Borer Basher™


    Borer Basher™ is a semi-permanent preventative maintenance measure for controlling borer. When applied correctly it will last 10 to 15 years and in many cases much longer.  After treating borer since 2012 we have not had a recall back to a customer house.  We recommend rechecking the timber for borer every 10 years or so. It is possible that you will not need to retreat in the future.

    We provide a service for spraying exposed wood in your home or we sell Borer Basher™ in three convenient sizes so you can do it yourself. The product is great to work with and comes in a water soluble powder. There is no lingering odour or fire risk and only minimal protective gear is required when applying the product.

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