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Damp Guard Vapour Barrier

  • Damp Guard Vapour Barrier


    Damp Guard Ground vapour barrier stops ground moisture from evaporating into the subfloor space. Apart from loss of heat, this moisture can also lead to mould and poor health.

    Damp Guard is a 250-micron polyethylene sheet installed on the ground underneath the entire subfloor to reduce or eliminate rising damp.

    Damp Guard protects your home from damage while helping giving the occupants a warmer and drier home. It’s not called rising damp for nothing, as it may also cause roof space condensation, when moist air in the subfloor migrates upwards through framing and drainage cavities. The most effective remedy is to install a ground vapour barrier.

    For more information about Damp Guard and how it will protect your home and family give us a call on 09 6368409 or drop us a note online.

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