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Floor Insulation

  • Floor Insulation

    Floor Insulation

    There are different types of products and methods that can be used for floor insulation, and like with ceiling insulation, these are controlled. We install two types of floor insulation: polyester and polystyrene.


    Polyester is one of the most popular floor insulation options, and we use the Cocoon brand which has been designed in NZ for older NZ homes. Polyester is a good environmental choice as it is made up of at least 45% recycled polyester, made from used PET plastic.  

    During install, polyester floor insulation is placed hard up against the floor between joists, then stapled to the joists so it is not compressed. 

    Polyester floor insulation comes with a 50 year durability rating, ensuring it will last the life of a home, and also be recycled. 


    Polystyrene floor insulation is a good trusted product, with polystyrene used in many everyday items such as chilly bins and coffee cups. We supply the Chillguard brand of polystyrene floor insulation. 

    Polystyrene floor insulation  is a rigid material that is manufactured in 1.2m long sheets, with the edges concertinaed so they can be compressed between joints for a tight fit against your floor. 

    Whilst the material cost of polystyrene floor insulation is similar to polyester, the actual labour to install it is three times as much, due to each piece needing to be cut to a specific size. In terms of cost comparison, polystyrene floor insulation generally adds $750 to the cost of floor insulation for an average sized home, compared to polyester. 

    Our Service

    Our knowledge of insulation and the materials available stems from extensive and continued market research and from years of installing the materials that we sell. To get the best result you need the right advice on the correct product for your home and the best way to install it.

    We have installed insulation into over 15,000 houses. That’s the experience you need.

    We offer the convenience of a full installation service, phone and online ordering as well as a prompt delivery service, we also have a warehouse where products can be viewed, demonstrated and purchased.  We know existing and older houses, we know what works and we are happy to share our knowledge!

    As with all our products and services, when it comes to floor insulation, where possible, we aim to sell NZ made products and ensure our high quality standards are continuously met. 

    We will work with you to understand your underfloor insulation requirements and offer you specialist advice on the floor insulation to warm up your home.

    Contact us to discuss your floor insulation requirements.