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Retrofit Insulation NZ

  • Retrofit Insulation NZ

    Retrofit Insulation

    As specialist retrofit insulation installers, the jobs we do require us to retrofit insulation into existing houses. 

    Due to poor insulation requirements prior to 2008, retrofit insulation jobs are carried out on houses built this century through to older houses that have stood the test of time but are now too cold and draughty for modern lifestyles, or in cases where the initial insulation type used was not high quality. With a growing range of insulation materials and installation methods, we can help you choose the best retrofit insulation product to keep you comfortable all year round, add value to your home and offer great long term benefits. 

    It is important to remember that retrofit insulation can sometimes be complex and often involves more complex work than simply placing insulation into walls, ceilings or subfloor cavities. There are complex NZ Standards, NZS4246-2016, that retrofit insulation must meet when it is installed into an existing house.

    Houses must be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine if they are suitable for retrofit insulation and if the proposed methods and materials are appropriate. When considering retrofit insulation for your property we recommend consulting an insulation specialist to discuss the best way to go about this. 

    Most of our insulation types are suitable for retrofit insulation projects, and as with any other job, we will assess your requirements and make a recommendation on the best retrofit insulation to suit your particular project.

    Our Service

    Our knowledge of insulation and the materials available stems from extensive and continued market research and from years of installing the materials that we sell. To get the best result you need the right advice on the correct product for your home and the best way to install it.

    We have installed insulation into over 15,000 houses. That’s the experience you need.

    We offer the convenience of a full installation service, full assessment service, including our RentFit Healthy Home report, phone and online ordering as well as a prompt delivery service, we also have a warehouse where products can be viewed, demonstrated and purchased. We know existing and older houses, we know what works and we are happy to share our knowledge!

    As with all our products and services, when it comes to retrofit insulation, where possible, we aim to sell NZ made products and ensure our high quality standards are continuously met. 

    We will work with you to understand your underfloor insulation requirements and offer you specialist advice on retrofit insulation to warm up your home.

    Contact us to discuss your retrofit insulation requirements.