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House Insulation & More

We provide a full range of house insulation services including insulation installation, insulation removal, borer control, damp guard barriers, rental assessments, and insulation specification for new builds. 

Click on the categories below to find out more about our house insulation services. 



  • New Build Insulation
    New Build Insulation

    New build insulation requirements changed in May 2023 to levels that have created complexity and cost. Our job is to help you deliver the right solut…

  • Damp Guard Vapour Barrier
    Damp Guard Vapour Barrier

    Damp Guard is installed underneath floors to stop rising damp from entering your home and causing damage and health problems.

  • Insulation Removal
    Insulation Removal

    Your old insulation may be fine, or it may have deteriorated. And if it has to go, we have the machinery and expertise for the job.

  • Borer Control
    Borer Control

    Borer are a silent destroyer, often damaging your home badly without you even knowing