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Foil Insulation

  • Foil Insulation

    Foil Insulation

    In July 2016 the NZ Government banned the installation or repair of foil insulation in homes with an existing power supply connection. Foil was the most common material used for underfloor insulation in New Zealand. Because of safety concerns, retrofitting foil insulation and repairing foil insulation in residential buildings is now banned under section 26 of the Building Act 2004.

    Foil can still be used in new commercial building and buildings with no live power system. 

    There are a few types of foil insulation that you can consider for your project:

    Foil Types

    Foil insulation works as a convectional and radiant barrier. It has been difficult to get the best performance out of traditional foils due to building construction methods and strength of products, however, newer more advanced types on the market offer some fantastic performance features. Reflective forms of single layer foil insulation work to reflect radiant heat. Some more sophisticated forms of foils (i.e. foils such as Silverzone) utilise an air gap between layers of aluminium sheets to boost performance. 

    Our Service

    Our knowledge of insulation and the materials available stems from extensive and continued market research and from years of installing the materials that we sell. To get the best result you need the right advice on the correct product for your home and the best way to install it.

    We have installed insulation into over 15,000 houses. That’s the experience you need.

    We offer the convenience of a full installation service, full assessment service, including our RentFit Healthy Home report, phone and online ordering as well as a prompt delivery service, we also have a warehouse where products can be viewed, demonstrated and purchased.  We know existing and older houses, we know what works and we are happy to share our knowledge!

    Contact us to discuss your foil insulation requirements.