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Insulation Removal

  • Insulation Removal


    Quite often old insulation needs to be removed before new insulation is laid. Some types of insulation can absorb moisture and cause structural damage to your home or it can be in such a condition that it doesn’t allow for new insulation to be installed properly. It can be a time consuming and painful job to remove this insulation.

    Insulation types that may need removal:

    • Macerated paper insulation that is damp or badly soiled
    • Polystyrene in board or chip form as it can damage electrical cabling
    • Older glass wool (fibreglass) products which may be damaged, wet or dirty.
    • Damaged insulation
    • Products blown in which may be damaged, wet or dirty.

    The Insulation Warehouse has a state of the art vacuum system to remove loose fill insulation.   Our machine creates very little dust during extraction and materials are collected in special bags for disposal.

    Other forms of insulation are removed by hand.

    To find out more and to book a quote give us a call on 09 6368409 or drop us a note online and let’s get you warm for winter!