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Safety Tips

  • Safety Tips

    When installing insulation it’s important to put safety first. There are typically more hazards involved in installing underfloor insulation so here are a few words of caution.

    • Be EXTREMELY careful around wiring. If you are using staples and knives we cannot emphasis enough how much care needs to be taken. There is a risk of electrocution especially when removing foil products. You should turn the power off at the mains before removing foil but be aware this may not turn off all power going into the home. If you do this you will need to check each foil sheet for electrical current before declaring it safe. While wiring can have insulation laid over the top, a common sense approach is to avoid this if possible ensuring any overloaded cables can cool, especially with older types of wiring. Don’t allow polystyrene to come into contact with any wires as a chemical reaction between the two can lead to deterioration of the wire insulation.
    • Take great care around plumbing. A small knock can cause a costly visit from a plumber or worse still long term damage to your home. Always install insulation in a way that will allow water to escape should there be a leak.
    • You need adequate lighting to see what you are doing. We recommend a head light as well as general lighting. Always use an isolator for your lighting.
    • Be careful not to install insulation over heat sources such as downlights (and transformers), chimney flues and vents. The general rule is the 100mm gap around all such sources but this may need to be larger depending on the heat generated.
    • Always make sure you have someone keeping and eye on you and preferably do not work alone.
    • Use dust masks if necessary.

    Whilst there are a few hazards (as with any DIY!) it’s not hard to keep yourself and others safe. Take your time, use the right equipment and always ask if you need clarification.