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How to measure your home

  • How to measure your home

    Measure your house from the outside. Grab the longest tape measure you have and a sheet of paper (preferably graph paper). Walk around your house making a scaled sketch of the outside. Use your tape to measure the outside walls of the home and mark these down on your paper as you go. Measure all entrance ways and areas not to be insulated. Once you have completed this, if your house is not an exact rectangle divide the different sections off into blocks. Use a calculator to multiply the different lengths of each of the boxes to find the square meter size of all boxes then add all the boxes together. This is the total size of the home.


    Insulating between your joists

    If you plan on insulating between ceiling and/or underfloor joists you will need to measure the internal width of each joist section and calculate how much of each width you will need to get the exact quantities right. Installing using this method you will only use approximately 85-90% of the house area in materials as you are not insulating your joists. ie100sqm home = 85-90sqm of material. If you are installing Cocoon or Greenstuf polyester underfloor insulation you will need 100% of the area in materials as the product is folded slightly down the joists.


    Installing in blanket format

    For foil types of insulation you will need approximately 108% of the house size in materials because of join overlap. ie 100sqm home = 108sqm of material

    For fibre types in blanket format you will require the same amount of insulation as the size of your house. ie 100sqm home = 100sqm of material.

    Please use the product calculator once you have measured your home to calculate the material that you will need.


    Example of how to measure your home