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Rental Property Insulation Assessment

  • Rental Property Insulation Assessment

    Rental Property Insulation Requirements

    In June 2016 the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2016 was passed. That legislation has 2 key requirements relating to rental property insulation requirements.
    1 – All new tenancy agreements from 1 July 2016 must include information regarding the current ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation in the property

    2 – All rental properties must meet new rental property insulation standards by July 2019

    In July 2019 The Healthy Homes Standard became law and brought in additional insulation requirements over and above the 2016 legislation.

    1 - Minimum ceiling thickness has shifted from 70mm to 120mm

    2 - Underfloor insulation requirements remain largely the same as the 2016 legislation with a minimum R Value of 1.1 for existing insulation and 1.3 for any new insulation.

    3 - Compulsory Ground Moisture Barrier has also been introduced under the Drainage and Moisture Ingress Standard

    4 - 2 New deadline has been set for all rental properties

    To Provide a compliance statement for all new or renewed tenancy agreements from 1 December 2020

    To be compliant within 90  days of any new tenancy after July 1st 2021 with a final deadline of July 1 2024.

    At The Insulation Warehouse, we have the team and service to help you address both the documentation and insulation requirements for rental property you own or manage.

    Here’s some information you might find helpful when it comes to rental property insulation requirements:

    Hassle Free – We will do the work by contacting your tenant to arrange appointments to complete assessments and installs, once you’ve instructed us to do so

    Rentfit Healthy Homes Report – We have the team to be able to provide you with a professional report detailing items that require action for you property to be compliant. 

    Our www.rentfit.co.nz report includes all 5 categories:

    • Heating
    • Insulation
    • Ventilation
    • Moisture Ingress and Drainage
    • Draught Stopping

    And we have added smoke alarms as a additional check for free.

    Our pricing and service offer for insulation assessments and Healthy Homes Reports is detailed on our www.rentfit.co.nz website

    Assessment and Quote – For houses that do not meet the required standard a quote will be provided detailing our recommendation to meet the standard.
    The quote will also include a statement confirming what, if any, insulation is in place. This will enable the owner to comply with the new Act relating to notification of current insulation.

    New product – Where the minimum standard is not met, additional insulation needs to be installed delivering R2.9 for ceilings and R1.3 for underfloor in the Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato area (Zone 1 and 2). For more information see the MBIE website

    Service – To book an assessment please email a works order/enquiry to info@tiwl.co.nz including the property address and tenants contact details.
    To discuss rental property insulation options you can contact our customer service team on 09 6368409

    In July 2020 our Director, Kevan Hunt and Auckland Property Investors Association (APIA) put together some short video's discussing issues, options, and advice relating to insulation requirements under the Healthy Homes Standard.  APIA have been kind enough to allow us to share these on our website for your viewing.
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