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Rental Insulation Assessment

  • Rental Insulation Assessment

    In June 2016 the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2016 was passed. The new legislation has 2 key requirements relating to insulation.
    1 – All new tenancy agreements from 1 July 2016 must include information regarding the current ceiling, under floor and wall insulation in the property

    2 – All rental properties must meet new insulation standards by July 2019


    At The Insulation Warehouse we have the team and service to help you address both the documentation and insulation requirements.

    Here’s some information you might find helpful:house-insulation

    1. Hassle Free – We will do the work by contacting your tenant to arrange appointments to complete assessments and installs, once you’ve instructed us to do so
    2. Certificate / Statement – For houses that cannot be insulated we can provide a written statement confirming relevant details, enabling compliance under the new Act.
      For houses that have sufficient existing insulation to meet the required standard, we can provide a written statement confirming relevant details, enabling compliance under the new Act.
    3. Assessment and Quote – For houses that do not meet the required standard a quote will be provided detailing our recommendation to meet the standard.
      The quote will also include a statement confirming what, if any, insulation is in place. This will enable the owner to comply with the new Act relating to notification of current insulation
    4. New Standards as published by Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment in June 2016.
      Ceiling – Where there is existing ceiling insulation it must be a minimum of 70mm throughout and installed to the NZ 4246 2016.
      Under Floor – Where there is existing under floor insulation it must be a minimum of R0.9.
    5. New product – Where the minimum standard is not met, additional insulation needs to be installed delivering R2.9 for ceilings and R1.3 for under floor in the Auckland area (Zone 1). For more information see the MBIE web site
    6. Service – To book an assessment please email a works order / enquiry to info@tiwl.co.nz including the property address and tenants contact details.
      To discuss insulation options you can contact our customer service team on 0800 22 22 99