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Underfloor Insulation Installation

  • Underfloor Insulation Installation

    Why Opt for Underfloor Insulation?
    Heat can be lost from your home in various ways, and one significant avenue is through the floors. Proper underfloor insulation can reduce this heat loss, making your home warmer, more energy-efficient, and saving on heating costs.

    Our Consultative Approach
    At The Insulation Warehouse, understanding your unique requirements is paramount. Our team is dedicated to a consultative approach, offering comprehensive insights about insulation. That's why we offer in-home no obligation consultations/assessments. With the right knowledge at your disposal, we believe you can make the best decision tailored to your home's needs.

    Versatile Insulation Solutions for Every Need
    We recognise that every home has unique needs. With this understanding, we offer a wide range of insulation solutions from various brands, ensuring there's a suitable option for every situation and budget. From cost-effective choices that deliver essential warmth and energy savings, to premium options that optimise comfort, efficiency and quality, our offerings cater to the varied needs of every homeowner.  We're dedicated to providing quality insulation that aligns seamlessly with your preferences and financial considerations.

    Our Diverse Product Range
    We pride ourselves on the variety of product options and brands we present, all designed to cater to diverse preferences and financial plans. Each grade of insulation we provide guarantees quality and efficiency, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your home without any compromise

    Rely on the Experts
    The Insulation Warehouse is proud to be a Kiwi-owned business, and we stand tall in our commitment to deliver top-notch service, profound knowledge, and a wide array of insulation solutions. Furthermore, we are immensely proud to provide a 5-year workmanship warranty, over and above all of the manufacturer warranties. With our unparalleled expertise and dedication, your underfloor insulation installation process is bound to be smooth and result-driven.

    For more details and to schedule a consultation, please contact our team directly on 09 636 8409. Let's make your home warmer and more energy-efficient together!

    At The Insulation Warehouse our team are what we are proudest of, the people who will help give you the right advice and service for you and your home.

    The Auckland and BOP team



      Las Leitner - Customer Service Legend

    Las is likely to be one of the first people you speak to when you email or call us to discuss insulation installation.  Las has been the lead customer service person since early 2021.  Las can talk you through different options and give you estimate pricing while booking your free insulation assessment.  Customer feed back about Las is that she takes time to listen and her communication when booking appointments is really good. 


      Walter Elwin - Senior Insulation Assessor. 

    Walter enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and is our in home insulation guru. Walter is the expert that you want to see when you need sound advice and options that suit your situation, without the hard sell. He has been in the home insulation industry for over 6 years and with The Insulation Warehouse for over 5 years. Walter's strength lies in his people skills and insulation knowledge - after all, he has helped over 6,000 customers - That's a lot of happy people. He will give options where needed or just get straight to the best solution for your home after a chat and inspection. There is no hard sell, or overselling going on here, just good old fashion service.


    And the heart of the business - The team that do the hard work for you - Our Installers


    Kalito and Lucks (brothers) loading up for another busy day

    Lucks has been with us for over 5 years and has an amazing work ethic.  

    Kalito is close behind with 4 years at The insulation Warehouse and is a retrofit specialist.



    Lalo and Posay loading underfloor insulation for a customer

    Lalo has over 10 Years experience in the insulation industry including new build and retrofit installing.

    Posay has been with us for over 4 years and is a retrofit specialist



    Leonard,  tidying some rubbish at the end of a busy work day

    Leonard is one of our Bay of Plenty Supervisors and has been in the team for over 4 years.


    We think our team makes the difference when it come to the service we provide, and we know they will work hard to give you sound advice to enable you to make an informed decision.  If you do decide to work with us we will get the job done as quoted with no hidden costs -good, genuine kiwi customer service.


    Give us a call on 09 6368409 or complete our online form below, and let’s get you comfortable in your home!

    By the way, if you are in the Bay of Plenty our customer service team in Auckland will look after all of your queries and appointment booking, Then Dave, Leonard and Jimmy will get the job done for you.  You can check out more about Dave and the team here

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