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About Installation

  • About Installation

    Quite simply insulation works to keep the outside temperature out and the inside temperature in. Think of it like a chilly bin or vaccuum flask, if you put hot food in it stays warm and if you put cold food in it stays cold. It works to stop/slow temperature transfer – just like putting a jersey on when it’s cold. The better the grade or type of product you use the less temperature transfer there is so the better it works (like putting on a thicker or better jersey suited to the environment you are in). Insulation does not create any energy of it’s own so it wont heat your home but it will help retain the warmth you generate thus creating better internal living conditions. So many of our customers are very surprised by the difference it makes.

    Watch our short videos to learn more about insulation.

    About insulation - Part 1
    About Insulation Part 2


    Hot air rises so a lack of, or inadequate ceiling insulation can be responsible for considerable heat loss in the home (around 46% and up to 60% in older homes). When you flick on the heater you want to make sure that expensive heat stays in. Lack of insulation can also make your home hotter in summer as the heat from the attic space transfers into the home. Wall insulation works in much the same way although less heat is lost through the walls (around 25%).

    No insulation installed. Warm air easily escapes through the ceiling.

    Insulation installed between joists. Offers some protection, however warm air is still lost through the joists.

    Insulation installed between joists with blanket over the top. The blanket insulates the ceiling joists offering complete protection.