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Underfloor Insulation

  • Underfloor Insulation

    Like ceiling insulation the types of product and methods of installation are controlled. We install two types of underfloor insulation: polyester and polystyrene.



    Polyester insulation has developed into an extremely popular underfloor option. We use the Cocoon brand which has been designed in NZ for older NZ homes. It contains a minimum of 45% recycled polyester made from used PET plastics, like drink bottles, making it a great environmental choice.

    Installed between the joists hard up against the floor, the product is stapled into the sides of the joists so as not to compress it.

    With a 50 year durability rating the product will last the life of the home and then it can be recycled!



    We supply the Chillguard brand of polystyrene. Polsytyrene is a good trusted insulation used in many items such as chilly bins and coffee cups.

    Produced in 1.2m long sheets the edges are concertinaed to allow them to be compressed between floor joists to sit hard up against your floor.

    The difficulty with polystyrene is the cost to install. Whilst the material cost is similar to polyester the actual labor to install it is three times as much. Being a rigid material each piece needs to be cut to size. Generally it adds approx $750 to the cost of underfloor insulation into an average home over polyester.