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Terms And Conditions


    1. DIY / Cash Sale Purchases
      1. Goods must be fully paid for prior to leaving our warehouse
      2. Payment by Cheque for DIY sales is not accepted
      3. Non stock items order on request are not returnable and no refund will be provided
    2. Freight
      1. Freight charges are per Mainfreight cost price to The Insulation Warehouse
      2. Where a location is not listed as an option, the "rest of Island (North or South) should be selected so get the correct freight cost.
      3. The insulation Warehouse reserves the right to adjust freight costs on an invoice where the customer has selected an incorect area option, either intentionally or not.
      4. The insulation warehouse reserves the right to change all or any freight cost without nitice
    3. Supply and Install Sales
      1. Payment is required within 7 days of invoice
      2. Interest may be charged on overdue amounts at a rate of 24% per annum
      3. Any debt collection fees incurred through the process of recovering overdue accounts will be added to the recoverable value
    4. GST - All pricing is GST Exclusive unless otherwise stated
    5. Price
      1. While we endeavour to maintain the best and most consistent pricing, The Insulation Warehouse Reserves the right to alter is pricing without notice
    6. Title
      1. Title in all Goods that The Insulation Warehouse supplies to the Customer remains with The Insulation Warehouse until full payment for the Goods has been received.
      2. Until title in the Goods passes to the Customer, the Customer will hold the Goods as bailee and will not transfer possession of them or create any interest in them for the benefit of any third party.
      3. If the Goods are attached, fixed, or incorporated into any property of the Customer, by way of any manufacturing or assembly process by the Customer or any third party, title in the Goods shall remain with The Insulation Warehouse until the Customer has made payment for all Goods, and where those Goods are mixed with other property so as to be part of or a constituent of any new goods, title to these new goods shall deemed to be assigned to The Insulation Warehouse as security for the full satisfaction by the Customer of the full amount owing between The Insulation Warehouse and Customer.
      4. Customer grants to The Insulation Warehouse or its agents and employees a licence to enter onto the Customer’s premises (or the premises of any associated company or agent) to take possession of any of the Goods to which The Insulation Warehouse has title.
      5. The Customer releases and indemnifies The Insulation Warehouse and its agents and employees in respect of any liability arising from the exercise of any rights under the licence. If in breach of these terms, the Customer purports to sell any Goods belonging to The Insulation Warehouse, then the Customer must keep the proceeds of the purported sale in a separate identifiable account and hold them on trust for The Insulation Warehouse until it has been paid in full. The Customer must pay all amounts owed to The Insulation Warehouse from such proceeds, on demand.
      6. The Customer indemnifies The Insulation Warehouse in respect of all costs it reasonably incurs and liability it incurs in the exercise of rights to recover goods belonging to it.
      7. The Customer grants to The Insulation Warehouse a Security Interest in all present and after acquired goods supplied or to be supplied by The Insulation Warehouse and any proceeds of sale of the goods as security for all of the Customers obligations to The Insulation Warehouse. Where the goods and/or Proceeds are not readily identifiable and/or traceable or their recoverable value is insufficient to pay the indebtedness, the security interest shall also extend to all the Customers present and after acquired building products, of which the goods form part, to the extent required to secure the Indebtedness.
    7. The Insulation Warehouse may register a Financing Statement to perfect its security in the Goods in accordance with the Personal Property Securities Act
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