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Update - Window insulation film installed at Kevan's place

  • Update - Window insulation film installed at Kevan's place

    This is an update to the window film blog I wrote last year.  Here is a link to the original blog

    What a difference!

    At 4pm on February 17 2021 I stepped on the carpet inside our open ranch slider door and noticed it was very hot on my foot.  I stepped across to an area that was protected by the Ecolux 70 Window Insulation and it was significantly cooler.  

    I have a thermal temperature gun so grabbed it and took some sample temperatures to document the difference.

    Below is the door in the open position at the time I took the temperature samples.

    This image below shows the temperature of the carpet surface with direct sun on it (open door area).

    The surface of the carpet was 75.5 degrees celsius.  I was stunned that it was so hot.

    This image below shows the temperature of the carpet surface with the sun coming through the single glazed window with Ecolux 70 insulation film.

    The carpet protected by the Ecolux film is over 30 degrees celsius cooler than the unprotected carpet.

    I noticed as the sun went behind clouds that the temperature (radiant) of the carpet reduced quickly and increased quickly as the sun reappeared.


    I then thought, this is protected by 2 layers of glass and 2 layers of Ecolux 70 as the door is open,

    so I took a sample where the single glass pane is protecting the carpet.


     The area protected by 1 layer was still close to 30 degrees celsius cooler than the unprotected carpet,

    and only 5.9 degrees higher that the double stacked windows.


    And finally to complete the full story I took a sample where the door frame (aluminium) is casting a shadow on the carpet.


    This was 36.6 degrees and as expected a lot cooler than the glazed areas due to the shadow.

    I took the time to take some reference temperatures around the inside of the room.

    We had no heat pump on so all temperatures were based in the heat of the day.

    26.5 Degrees - Internal Air Temperature (from my weather Station) 

    46.0 Degrees - Roof (attic) temperature

    28.4 Degrees - Ceiling surface temperature

    28.8 Degrees - Wall surface temperature - Internal side of an external wall directly facing the sun

    27.3 Degrees - Carpet temperature inside the room away from direct sunlight


    I have felt that the Ecolux 70 product makes a meaningful difference to the comfort of our home.

    This summer we have not used our heat pump as often but it has been difficult to provide any specific data until "I got hot feet" yesterday.

    This data provides meaningful evidence of the benefit that Ecolux 70, and our other window film products, offer to keep you comfortable, and to to protect your family and property from the harmful damage that our very harsh sun can cause.  Remember, as well as reducing the inside temperature, Ecolux 70 also blocks more than 99% of harmful UV A and B rays.

    If you think this is compelling, and you want to enjoy the benefits of this product you are welcome to fill out this contact form for a no obligation consultation and quote.  Alternatively give us a call on 09 6368409.

    Written by Kevan Hunt

    Director of The Insulation Warehouse


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    • 18 February