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We Don't Miss a Thing

  • We Don't Miss a Thing

    At The Insulation Warehouse, we don't miss a thing, not even the borer beetle that quietly eats away at your property.

    When we are assessing homes for insulation and ground moisture barrier requirements we keep a close eye out for any potential issues, like water leaks and active borer that can be treated prior to insulation installation.

    If we find active borer we let you know and give you the option to treat it as a part of our service offer.

    If it's not treated, and new insulation is installed over the top, it becomes a very expensive process to correct. In underfloor areas, the existing insulation can't be reused as it is damaged in the removal process, so that's a complete write-off – including the additional labour to remove it.

    A recent property we assessed has this exact situation.

    The customer has already spent approx $1000 on new insulation, which will cost $375 to remove and dispose of.

    To treat the borer and install new insulation it will cost an additional $1417. So this whole exercise will have cost twice as much as it should have! 

    The images above are from this property and clearly show the active borer with insulation that has been installed over it.

    Our Borer Basher treatment is a semi-permanent treatment that will last 15 to 20 years, longer in some cases.

    If you are keen to work with a team that has that extra attention to detail you can contact us at 0800 22 22 99 or email support@tiwl.co.nz.

    • Kevan
    • 14 October