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  • Horror Story: Installing an Undersized Heat Pump

    We have completed hundreds of rentfit.co.nz Healthy Homes Standards Reports for owners and property managers.

    The Healthy Homes Heating Standard requires the main living room of a rental property to be able to be maintained at a minimum of 18°C on the coldest day of the year.

    We have had several customers commission contractors who have installed heat pumps that are below the required kilowatts.

  • Our COVID-19 Status

  • Installing Insulation over Foil – It's a Shortcut That Will Cost

    We are coming across underfloor insulation where new polyester insulation has been installed over the top of old foil insulation.

    NZS4246-2016 requires old foil insulation to be removed before any new insulation is installed.

    For rental properties, all insulation must be installed to NZS4246-2016. So this scenario becomes a fail.

  • When a "Pass" isn't always a "Pass"

    Under the 2016 Residential Tenancy Act insulation requirements, thousands of houses achieved a "Pass" on the ceiling insulation. However, the Healthy Homes Standards, which became law on 1 July 2019, changed the rules and increased the minimum thickness to 120mm.