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  • Horror Story: The Self Insulation Installation

    We recently assessed a property that the owner had decided to insulate himself. He had sourced a number of insulation offcuts and placed them throughout the ceiling of the house.

    He advised us that he had made wire cages to go over the downlights so the insulation could be laid over the top of them.

    On inspection, we found a complete mess of insulation offcuts and plastic packaging just strewn through the ceiling. This photo is a good illustration of what we found.

  • Insulation Industry Struggling with Demand

    As the insulation industry closes on the July 1 Residential Tenancy Act deadline, we are seeing cracks appear in the ability of manufacturers and install companies to deliver to the market's expectations.

  • What does the announcement of the standards for the Healthy Homes Act mean for you?

    The Government announcement covers the new Healthy Homes Standards for rental properties. This includes heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught-stopping.

  • Horror Story: No Shows & Delays

    A property management firm organised an insulation assessment from one of our competitors.

    The contractor was all booked in and the tenant was ready to meet them...