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  • Installing Insulation over Foil – It's a Shortcut That Will Cost

    We are coming across underfloor insulation where new polyester insulation has been installed over the top of old foil insulation.

    NZS4246-2016 requires old foil insulation to be removed before any new insulation is installed.

    For rental properties, all insulation must be installed to NZS4246-2016. So this scenario becomes a fail.

  • When a "Pass" isn't always a "Pass"

    Under the 2016 Residential Tenancy Act insulation requirements, thousands of houses achieved a "Pass" on the ceiling insulation. However, the Healthy Homes Standards, which became law on 1 July 2019, changed the rules and increased the minimum thickness to 120mm.

  • Introducing RentFit.co.nz - Our Healthy Homes Assessments

    We are excited to launch RentFit.co.nz, the compliance tool we'll use to assess rental properties against the Healthy Homes requirements.

    RentFit.co.nz is the only reporting tool that enables assessors to capture data and photos on-site and deliver the report to you instantly.

  • Introducing Our Healthy Homes Standards Assessment

    Full Healthy Homes Standards Statement & Smoke Alarms

    Warmer - Dryer - Safer

    The Healthy Homes Standards have introduced minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties.

    Our Healthy Homes Standards Statement will incorporate all five aspects of a property, plus an additional smoke alarm check.