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  • Insulation Horror Story: The Disorganised Installers

    A relative of one of our assessors had another company do their insulation.
    The installers turned up at 8am but realised they didn't have the right product for the installation in their truck. So, they went away to get it...

  • Insulation Horror Story: The 100% Deposit

    As the rental market increases demand for insulation installers, there is always a risk of operators with unethical practices coming into the market.

    Frequently, The Insulation Warehouse ends up trying to pick up the pieces and put things right for customers that have been ripped off. This is one of the most recent stories we have encountered.

    A small insulation installer quoted to supply ceiling and underfloor insulation for a customer’s rental property. On acceptance of the quote, the installer asked for 100% payment up front to which the customer obliged.

  • Insulation clock is ticking

  • Health Homes Guarantee Bill

    In July 2016 the government of the day passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2016 - legislation requiring insulation in rental property to meet minimum requirements by July 1 2019.
    They also require detailed insulation statements to be provided with every new tenancy agreement that is written.

    In November 2017 the new government has passed further legislation - the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill which bring further change.
    We hope this Blog helps keep you up to date with the changes as they come in to force.