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As an exclusive brand for The Insulation Warehouse, Chillguard is manufactured by one of Aucklands’ largest expanded polystyrene manufacturer to meet the highest quality standards.

Chillguard is a polystyrene material and is primarily manufactured from virgin materials.  Unfortunately using recycled polystyrene results in an inferior finished product so the amount used is minimal.  It is very important environmentally that a product stands the test of time and does not need to be replaced.

The superior polystyrene moulding process results in a high quality finish, excellent cross breaking and compression strength and high insulation value.

Chillguard polystyrene carries a 50 year durability rating.  It is a very good quality material that is designed to last the life of your home.

Chill Guard Underfloor

This is a excellent quality polystyrene underfloor insulation designed to be friction fitted between your floor joists and hard up against your floor. Available in two grades R1.5 (60mm thick) and R2.1 (80mm thick).

We have plastic clips available in bags of 200 which are used to staple under the polystyrene sheet, holding them in place.