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Autex is a New Zealand-based manufacturing and product development company specialising in textiles and advanced fibre technology, supplying a diverse range of consumer, commercial and specialty industrial products to markets all over the world. Established in 1967, Autex is founded on principles of innovation and outstanding customer service and committed to maintaining accredited environmental practices.

Recycled content – GreenStuf® is manufactured using a minimum of 45% recycled PET Plastics, and is also recyclable at the end of it’s life.

Durable – GreenStuf® will not settle or reduce it’s performance over time and is backed by a 50 Year Product Durability Warranty

Greenstuf Underfloor

GreenStuf® Underfloor is designed to provide thermal insulation under exposed joist floors of new and existing timber-framed buildings.

GreenStuf® Underfloor reduces heat loss through floors and assists in reducing drafts caused through joins in the floorboards.

It comes in a range of thermal performance options and as rolls pre-cut to fit standard exposed timber joist floors.

Greenstuf Wall

Designed for the thermal insulation of timber-framed buildings. They come as insulation segments pre-cut to fit standard timber-framing.

Thermally moulded into shape, they are designed to be self-supporting in walls and ceilings and require no stapling into place.
All eligible R-values of GreenStuf® Pads proudly carry the Environmental Choice
New Zealand tick.

Greenstuf Acoustics

Autex QuietStuf® is a range of quality 100% polyester acoustic insulation products for walls and floors.

QuietStuf® is a soft thermally bonded bulk-fibre insulation material manufactured from polyester fibres.

QuietStuf® SOUND SOLUTION is a non-irritant acoustic insulation material designed for timber stud residential and light commercial applications. QuietStuf® SOUND SOLUTION is supplied as lofted blue-tinted insulation segments and rolls pre-cut to fit standard timber framed walls and mid-floor joist spacings.

Greenstuf Ceiling

More information coming soon.