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Mammoth™ modern insulation is manufactured by InsulPro – a New Zealand owned and operated manufacturer of polyester thermal and acoustic insulation – supplying the local New Zealand market and export markets with a range of insulation products for the home or commercial building.
We have manufacturing facilities in Auckland and Milton, near Dunedin and are backed by a team of experts.

Mammoth is the modern option in home insulation with a soft, friendly-fibre solution that is free of glues, binders, formaldehyde and pesticides.  Mammoth’s 100% polyester insulation uses fibres from recycled plastic bottles and so you’ll be able to feel good in your warmer, healthier home knowing that you’ve reduced the planet’s landfills.

Our product warranty covers that – so long as the insulation is installed correctly and remains adequately protected – Mammoth™ insulation will perform as well as when installed for 50 years.*

Mammoth Underfloor

Mammoth Multi is an insulation product that was designed to make installation easy for busy builders and the do-it-yourselfer and, while perfect for underfloor, it is also suitable for walls and ceilings.

Mammoth also has a polyester staple-in blanket for underfloor.  This product is only recommended for experienced insulation installers.

Mammoth Wall

Semi-rigid polyester insulation that is friction fitted between studs. Mammoth airlay wall sections are self-supporting and contribute to a superior installation without gaps, creases, folds or compression.

Mammoth Ceiling

Ceiling Blanket is the easiest form of ceiling insulation and also the most effective. Like duvets and blankets, also made from polyester, Mammoth Ceiling blanket traps the warmth underneath the blanket to keep your home warmer.

The added benefit of Mammoth Ceiling blankets versus sections of insulation is that it covers the joists and has less joins, ensuring heat is retained inside your home.

Mammoth Ceiling Blanket comes in big rolls, so it’s easy and fast to install. It can be torn to length – or cut with shears – and is simply laid over ceiling framing.

The product range includes R1.8, R2.9, R3.2, R3.6 and 4.0.